2 sisters

Two sisters in the park
You can’t tell them apart
Like I can,
But I know I can.

One’s a big fat heart
And the other’s a shark
Stop beating
Stop swimming.

One sister plays with dolls
And the other is enthralled
With cyan
Like Diane.

One’s asleep in the wheat
And the other wears a sheet
Where I am
I’m trying
I’m dying.

Two sisters in the halls
Making passes, making calls
I’m listening
I’m sighing.

Two sisters running round
One is flat, one is round
And unbound
And unsound.

One sister’s in the ground
And the other’s out of town
I’m buying
The next round.

One sister on the wind
And the other’s drinking gin
I’m lying
Beside them
Between them.


Théodore ChassériauThe Two Sisters via WikiMedia

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