shadow play

up upon the wall,
of the government hall,
tarantulas crawl,
and the scorpions sway,
it’s a game we play,
’till it lasts all day.

how we roll, roll away,
roll away the day,
losing time
to our other side
in our shadow play.

let’s sneak,
sneak upon the stairs,
(they travel in pairs)
till we leap like hares
and make our escape.
when the lights come on,
we can vanish as one,
in the noon-day sun.

and then roll, roll it all away,
roll the live-long day,
passing our time
to the other’s mind
in our shadow play.

would you care
to put on your crown,
you silly clown,
and be king for a day?
you can wear it with pride
and strut it outside
’til it’s late to hide,

then put
your milky bones away,
and dance
waltz with Fanny fae,
on the other side
where we lose our minds
in our shadow play.

bae, they’re coming for you,
they’re following me,
but they can’t see we,
like I do.
through clenched teeth,
on top of the lips
I’ll slip you a hiss
with my cobra kiss.

and when your web is spun
glinting in sun
my skin’s undone
and the game is won.

then may we roll
roll them all away,
or put them on display,
leading our tribe
to the other side,
with our shadow plays.

Title: A Spider. Artist: Jan Vincentsz van der Vinne (Dutch, Haarlem 1663–1721 Haarlem)

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